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By November 22, 2017Aspergers

I have been suppressing this for some time, but I now feel it’s time that I reveal to you the news I’ve been holding back. Wheels of Thunder is not my only project. I can reveal that work has started on the next book in the series I have dubbed ‘the Robson Saga’. The new book will be a prequel to Wheels of Thunder, going back before Stuart Robson’s racing success with his latest racing machine, known as ‘Thunderbolt’. As normal, the main theme for the book is Stuart’s Asperger’s, and how he tries to deal with it in his final school days and going forward out into the world of work. In the background however, another story is taking place. That which shares the title of the book; FIREBIRDS.


But what are the Firebirds you may ask. Well most of you who grew up in the 60s and 90s will think back to the Thunderbirds and their top-secret island base, from which they launched and attempted daring rescues in each episode; usually on a Wednesday night on BBC Two. The Firebird machines however are not as impressive sadly, but they are still practical and unique to their designs and uses. There are six Firebird vehicles, or machines as the Robson family know them by.


The first is a kit-bike version of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, this becomes known as ‘Thumper’ or Firebird One. The second, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, known as Road Runner, or Firebird Two. Firebird Three, is the Smurf; a sky blue coloured Ford Festia with white roof and white alloy wheels, giving it the appearance of the TV’s Smurf people. Firebird Four is the family Fordson Major farm tractor, called Bluebell. Built in 1956, it is by far the oldest of the Firebird fleet. Firebird Five is something of a collector’s item, an ex-military 1969 Series 2A Land Rover, fully restored with green camouflage paint; it’s a tough as nails and is by far a bumpy ride over long distances. And finally, the fastest and most advanced machine of them all; Firebird Six, known as the Thunderbolt.


This state of the art race-car was built and designed by Stuart Robson himself, chief mechanic and creator of the Firebird fleet. It’s low slung BMW 3-series design and unique home built touring car engine, gives it the total edge on the racetrack, winning Team Robson many victories in major races along the way.


So, when can we expect Firebirds to come out some would ask; that I’m afraid I can’t say for sure. But I can tell you this, I’m writing it as we speak. And it will have the same level or whit, humour, action and adventure that Wheels of Thunder has delivered so far.


For all of those who read my blog, visit my website, or even read my books so far. I want to say a huge thank you for supporting me and helping me achieve publicity and help for all those lives in the world that are touched by the Autistic condition, and to those who live with it day to day. Carry on everyone, and think happy thoughts.


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