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By November 29, 2017Aspergers

..and her claim to fame !

A quick story for you on this week’s blog. As well as writing about Autism and living with it; I also have a job as a delivery driver, with my very mighty and legendary van, Road Runner. Known as Firebird 2 in my book Wheels of Thunder. Up until now, I was under the impression that my book wasn’t well known about in the wider world, and certainly didn’t have a huge fan base. I got the shock of my life though, when I was told to do a delivery to a company in the town of Sudbury, Suffolk, UK. And this chap came out to take in the delivery I had brought him.


For the sake of the record, as the chap in question wishes to remain confidential. We shall call this man ‘Mike’. Mike was the man who came out to me, to see what I had. I climbed down from the cab, and told him what I had. When I finished offloaded my products, I came around the front to see where Mike had gone, as he had disappeared whilst offloading. I eventually found him staring at the front of Road Runner looking in the window at her plates, which I keep myself and are a big part of her identity.


Mike kept repeating ‘no way’ over and over again. I asked him what the problem was, and he told me. Mike had a 16-year-old son with Asperger’s Syndrome. The same as what I had; but the part that interested me, was when he told me about a book he was reading. Sounding intrigued, I asked him what book he was reading. And he told me; it was ‘Wheels of Thunder’. It was at that point I tried to stop my jaw from hitting the floor. He asked me if the Road Runner plates had anything to do with the book, or whether it was just a complete coincidence that I happened to have a set of plates that said, ‘Road Runner’ on them?


And then that is when I confessed the truth to him. I told him everything, about being the writer, and about that this was the actual Road Runner van in the book. At this point, Mike went completely white with shock. But he didn’t ask me for an autograph or a signed photo. He asked instead if he could sit in the driver’s seat. It sounded a little strange I thought, but I agreed. Sadly, he did take pictures. But because he didn’t want his name or face splashed all over the internet; he has refused to give me the picture I took for him on his phone. But still, I guess my book is helping people.


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