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Six weeks ago, I sat down in front of my TV as did many others; to watch series two of the BBC drama, The A Word. The series as many of you may have seen, began with Autistic Joe sitting on the roof of his local school in a world of his own. Now after six episodes and many twists and turns. The most surprising revelation is the attitude of the parents. In the first series Joe’s mother Alison was the one with the troubles and worries. Now in series two, the father Paul is the one who is suffering, as he’s been forced to omit certain truths about how he feels about Joe’s autism.


Being on the spectrum myself, I can relate to this. As my parents went through a similar stage when I was at that age. This is a process most psychologists would call ‘the denial’ process. In most cases, this can happen on at least two occasions. In some incidences maybe more. In my case, my parents went through it when I was about five years old in Reception and lower school years. When a friendly teacher within the school suggested that I may be Autistic, that was when it started. The period that it goes on for can vary, but in most cases; many families learn to adjust and make use of the Aspies unique ability’s in time.


Another interesting item on my agenda. But I was sitting at home after work one day, and a letter had come through from a company called Five Minutes More. According to my research, they were a film production company based in Los Angeles, California, USA. They’d done a bit of research on my book ‘Wheels of Thunder’. And had decided that there was not a need at this time to produce a screen version of the book. Oh well, at least it was nice of them to write and inform me or their decision. A lot of us can say about when we write off about things, and then never hear back from the people you’ve sent letters too.


Of course, the highlight of this week’s blog being the Action for Asperger’s AGM in Kettering in Northamptonshire, UK. I had been asked by its chairman, one Elaine Nicholson, MBE; to do a fifteen talk during the event on daily struggles with Autism. A subject which I am very used to talking about not just to a room full of people, but to the world in general. Sadly however, owing to the heavy snow that fell on the UK over the weekend; the event was cancelled. I suppose it was just a shame I had to get up there to find out, but hey, you know, that’s life; can’t help the weather as they say.


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