ASD, well; that what I’m here for really.

It’s had many means since it was first discovered in the 1940s, but here now in the twenty first century; this stands for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Having changed again recently by medic experts for diagnose, as there are so many different forms of Autism on the spectrum. My own Asperger’s has been both a hindrance, but in recent years, more helpful. I always say, never let it bother you too much.

If you have an Autistic Spectrum condition, and have a specialist subject of sorts; focus on that. And maybe one day, you might have a book of your own. Or invent a life changing invention, or even change the world in was that other people could only dream to understand.

If you’d like to get to know more information, are seeking help or simply are interested in volunteering at an organisation, click on the Links below for more information or contact me

National Autistic Society

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Asperger UK

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Asperger Foundation

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